War Horse – Another Steven Spielberg Masterpiece

Steven Spielberg, has done it again and fanatics of this legendary entertainment force will undoubtedly rush their nearest theater this Christmas to catch his latest masterpiece. War Horse is set to soon to become another epic movie about history, hope, chivalry and war- all combined with the heartfelt love of a young man and his horse. Yes, that’s right, despite the morose sounding name of the film; the upcoming Spielberg film sets its attention on the beautiful friendship between a young man, Albert and his horse, Joey.

The film begins when Joey first comes to young Albert as an untamed, wild horse – yet at once, Albert can tell this one is special. We watch as Albert goes through the process of training the wild horse and the emotional bond of love, trust and respect that is created between the two in the process. Once trained happy times seem short lived for the film when Joey is sold into the British Calvary and immediately thrust into the trenches of World War I. Despite being too young to serve in the military – Albert embarks to France to save his new best friend on a journey of hope which ultimately touches the lives of the British Calvary, the soldiers, and everyone else who he comes in contact with – not to mention the audience.

War Horse stars a brilliantly cast Jeremy Irvine as Albert, Emily Watson, Benedict Cumberpatch, Tom Hiddleston and Davd Thewlis. It is no wonder War Horse is already starting to catch attention from the media and movie buffs alike. One source has even called this film Steven Spielberg’s “Thoroughbred winner for the Oscars.” Aside from the unparalleled directing of Steven Spielberg, complete with masterful scoring of John Williams, War Horse is setting itself up to be the perfect holiday-tearjerker that will surely inspire and warm the hearts of any audience as only these types of films seem capable of doing.

Although the main character of the Joey may overshadow the other characters in the movie, no one should overlook the brilliant casting that was made for this film. It will be very interesting to see if any award season buzz will mount from this film – especially from the irresistible and loving performance Jeremy Irvine executes.

Incontestably, Spielberg is known for his extraordinary talent in historical biopics after winning two Best Director Academy Awards for Schindler’s List in 1993 and Saving Private Ryan in 1998. The film, War Horse, is another highly anticipated movie that will irrefutably be in line for one of the best films of this year.

War Horse originated as a children’s novel of the same net by Michael Morpurgo in 1982 and later was adapted for the stage in 2007. This epic story will be making its debut in movie theaters this December and it is rated appropriate for all audiences of all ages.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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