A Dangerous Method – A 2011 Film by David Cronenberg

A Dangerous Method is another David Cronenberg film that will leave you excited, curious and waiting in anticipation for what will unfold next. Cronenberg created a name for himself with sinister films reeling on psychology, spirituality and sexuality in Dead Ringers, A History of Violence and Crash. His newest film will soon become a prized supplement to this incredible repertoire.

A Dangerous Method is a well-rendered film about two giants in the field of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender).  An interesting quandary forms between the two men and a woman named Sabina Speilrein (Keira Knightley), and though the film features two powerful personas from history, its primary focus is on the relationship that forms between Jung and Sabina.

The story begins with a glimpse into Jung’s perfect life following a successful career.  He was a Freudian by heart even before he met the master, and he applies Freud’s theories to his patient Sabina, a Russian woman who displays instability and mental disorder as a result of suffering beatings and humiliation from her father when she was a child. Soon, Freud and Jung meet, and their shared thoughts on many things forge a connection that acts as a continuous alliance between the two.  The plot starts to thicken, however, with the arrival of Otto Gross (Vincent Cassel), a cocaine addict that encourages Jung not to repress the most natural of instincts.  Otto’s influence results in Jung engaging in a sexual relationship with his patient, which marks the beginning of conflicting ideology with the man he once revered.

The articulate exchanges between Freud and Jung, as they analyze the field of psychology, make A Dangerous Method an intelligent and thought-provoking film, further enhanced by a plot that engages the audience throughout the entire movie to its thrilling outcome.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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