Real Steel

Real Steel, a recent science fiction film that has been generating buzz as one of the fall’s best action movies, notably for its lifelike motion capture technology.  Based on the 1956 short “Steel” by Richard Matheson, Real Steel gives life to fantastical world of robot fighting, which became a large fad in the 90’s that to this day maintains its loyal fan base.

Set in the year 2020, the realm of sports has been altered; robots have replaced humans in the boxing ring.  Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) makes his living off of gambling in the underground world of robot boxing, but lady luck has not been so kind lately.  Owing various people money, Kenton is down on his luck. Coupled with the fact that his robots seemingly cannot win a match, he decides to try again and is met with receive disturbing new; his ex-girlfriend has died and their son is now homeless.

Initially only taking his son Max (Dakota Goya) on the condition that his Aunt and Uncle pay Charlie $100,000, he begins to develop a relationship with his estranged son.  After losing another fight, Charlie takes Max to scrap yard to collect pieces to create his own robot.  After Max slips, he is saved by the stray limb of a buried robot.  Brining the antiquated machine back to life, they realize that he, Atom, is dated back to 2014 and was made only to take damage, but give little.  Revisiting his days as a world champion boxer, Charlie begins to teach Atom the tricks of the trade and they soon find out that his potential is limitless.

Directed by Shawn Levy, the fast-paced storyline and realistic visuals help bolster the film’s recent release.  The visuals alone are eye-candy, allowing a sneak peek into a possible future reality for the world as technology continues to advance.  Pair that with a great a storyline and you have a film that’s bound to memorize viewers.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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