Another Happy Day

Another Happy Day, an American drama film written by Sam Levinson, depicts that brutal reality one family must face when a cluster of conflicting personalities meet for a family member’s wedding. Playing to the viewer’s sympathetic ear regarding family problems, Another Happy Day delves deeply into the internal issues all family’s face, hitting home with its audience.

In the film, Lynn (Ellen Barkin) must face a past she has tried so hard to live down when her son is getting married and she must again see her ex-husband after an extremely messy divorce. To add salt to the wound, she must shield her family from the disturbing news that her other son, Elliot (Erza Miller), has been battling drug rehabilitation for a number of years.

Things only take a turn for the worst when her married, and now divorced son (Michael Nardelli), blames his mother for the separation of his marriage, having not spoken to her in years. Lynn’s daughter, whom she retained custody to in the divorce, has begun dealing with depression and self-mutilation. Finally, Lynn’s mother Doris (Ellen Burstyn) has nothing but passive aggressive contempt for her daughter despite all of the burdens she has to bear. Fearful of both her husband and his new wife Patty (Demi Moore), Lynn must learn to cope with the neurotic tendencies this charmingly unique family has been plagued with while trying to keep her emotional health in good spirits.

Directed by writer Sam Levinson, Another Happy Day brings forward a dark tone to the family dynamic, giving the audience an accurate perception of the inner workings of the hard times family’s face. One of a kind in essence, this film takes a stab at showing how even the most troubled family’s can put aside their problems and come together as family – or die trying.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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