Tyrannosaur, a British drama film, depicts the story of one man’s tattered life.  Featuring the acting talents of Peter Mullen, Oliva Coleman and Eddie Marsen, the movie takes place in the Midlands, England.  Although the story is based upon happenings in the director’s life as a child in the Midlands, the film is in no way autobiographical.

Joseph (Peter Mullen) has endured a hard life, but is on the road to recovery. Without a job and struggling to tame his drinking problem and rampant rage, Joseph has the uncanny ability to isolate himself from everybody that strays in his path.  But when opportunity meets preparation, he finds himself looking to change his ways and allow love back into his life and finds a girl who might be able to help; Hannah (Oliva Coleman).

Hannah, a humble charity house worker whose religious passion defines her living, sets her eyes on Joseph and inevitably becomes keen to him.  But as the two grow closer, it becomes harder to separate the destructive parts of their life from their hopeful fairytale ending.  When Joseph learns that has Hannah has a dark secret of her own which threatens to plunge him back into a downward spiral.

Directed by first-time director and actor Paddy Considine, Tyrannosaur has won countless awards including the Sundance World Cinema Award for Directing and the Nantucket Film Festival Award Best Writer/Director.  With numerous accolades, the depth of acting in the movie can move mountains as Coleman and Mullen relay their tragic characters hopelessness flawlessly.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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