Arthur Christmas – A 3D Extravaganza For The Whole Family

Every year, Santa Claus has one night to trek the entire globe to carefully get all the Christmas presents to the good girls and boys of the world.  But this year, something’s amiss.  Arthur Christmas, a 3D animated fantasy film, centers around that very problem when one little girl is forgotten and the North Pole refuses to do anything about it – except one reluctant believer, Arthur!

Set in the North Pole, times have changed; technology is no longer just for us regular people.  Elf’s, reindeer and plump jolly men in red suits have the latest and greatest gadgets too.  It’s these very advancements that help them get around the entire world in only a mere couple hours to get every single child a gift under their Christmas tree.  But this year, one little girl was accidentally missed.

Steve and Arthur, the sons of Santa, have strong differences on the situation.  Steve thinks that they sound just accept that one child is not worth blowing their entire cover over.  Arthur, on the other hand, fervently defends the true Christmas tradition, saying that if one child wakes up and finds that although they were never naughty, they were not brought a gift by Santa, Christmas would be s spectacular sham.  When Grand-Santa, bored by retirement, finds a way to throw together the old reindeer team of the heyday, Arthur finds himself experiencing a Christmas of the past.

Directed by Sarah Smith, Arthur Christmas plays to that eternal child in all of us.  Who can say they never woke up as a little kid hoping that Santa didn’t have any hitches on his joyride to their house? This film embodies that idea with humor and wit, throwing in that modern day glitz for the tech-wielding 21st century kid.   A great film for the family (or maybe just that non-believer in yours),  Arthur Christmas is sure to be a 2011 must-see.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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