Tower Heist – Eddie Murphy does it again!

Tower Heist, a recent crime comedy film featuring the comedic talents of the notoriously funny Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Casey Affleck, has taken robbing a bank to a whole new level – a hilarious one.  Using the Trump Tower as inspiration, the film has a believable plot when a billionaire screws over his entire company. In 2005, Murphy actually came up with the original idea for the film, involving and all-black cast of comedians trying to rob the illustrious Trump Tower.  Murphy ended up rejoining the project.

Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) has invested his life in his job as a building manager of high-rise luxury apartment complex in the coveted New York City. Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), the billionaire owner of the company, has offered a retirement package to anyone in the company that wanted to invest with him.  But when the FBI starts it investigation and attempts prosecution, they fall short, not only allowing Shaw to go free, but defraud everybody in the company.

Kovacs decides he’s had enough.  Rounding up a gang from decades past, he decides he’s going to pull the heist of the century; steal 20 million dollars.  Unfortunately, robbing a bank is never easy.  Needing someone who’s knows the trade, he bails out childhood friend Slide (Eddie Murphy) to strategize the robbery.  But when a group of amateurs go up against the big boys, things get sticky real quick.

Directed by Brett Ratner, Tower Heist picks up the pace with the action and comedy, ending the year with a great big bang, and hopefully a successful robbery.  With Stiller and Murphy, two kingpins of the comedy world, Tower Heist is sure to rob a laugh or two from the audience.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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