50/50 ,  a comedy-drama film centering around the personal accounts of a recent cancer patient, has made waves of headlines for its humorous, witty approach to such a devastating ailment.  Loosely based on the life of screenwriter, Will Reiser, 50/50 has been positively received by both critics and audiences alike, attributing the amazing well-roundedness of the cast to its success.

Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) leads a normal life; has a decent job, great girlfriend and a killer best friend who’s always got his back.  But something rocks the boat when he goes to the doctor to find the root cause of his back pain.  To his dismay, he learns that he has contracted a very rare type of cancer that necessitates chemotherapy immediately if he is to have any chance of survival.

Although his family and friends promise nothing will change in their love and loyalty, things don’t pan out that way when his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard) fails to keep her promise to be there for him and is caught cheating by his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen).  Kyle’s strategy; use cancer to pick up hot girls for sex.  This doesn’t mesh too well with Adam, but he goes along with it for now.  When he meets an amateur therapist, adopts a dog and falls into a whole new way of living, adjusting might be a little harder than he thought.

Directed by Jonathan Levine, 50/50 helps us understand a world many can’t fathom and shows us that with a grain of salt, getting through the impossible is very much possible.  Relying on tumultuously funny screenplay, a carefully crafted mix of actors and a plight even the most tortured person can’t empathize with, 50/50 is one of 2011’s best.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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