Albatross, a 2011 English coming-of-age movie, focuses on the dysfunctional dimensions faced between one girl and her friend’s family.  Staring Jessica Brown-Findlay, Felicity Jones and Sebastian Koch, Albatross delves into the life of a quick, witty rebellious youth with big dreams and a disposition towards trouble.

Emeila (Jessica Brown-Findlay) has never known the nurturing nature of family – her mother selfishly committed suicide when she was young, over the disconnection between her and her husband.  Understandably so, Emeila grows up a rebellious youth and has no plan of taming her ways into adulthood.

But when she decides to get a job at a grand seaside hotel, she finds a friend in the owners daughter, Beth (Felicity Jones).  Starting to engage with the family, she discovers that Beth’s father is a writer with a terrible case of writer’s block.  Hoping one day to become a writer herself, she decides not to attend University and seek council from Jonathan (Sebastian Koch). When things become romantic between the two, Emeila must choose between Jonathan and her dreams, or her new friend.

Directed by Niall MacCormick, Albatross has received satisfying reviews for its visuals, acting and directing.  Although many voiced their concern over the rather overused plot, they reassured audiences that its reliance on all other aspects of the film made it an enjoyable presentation with a wry twist.  Coming-of-age movies can very easily fall into an abyss of conformity, but Albatross fly’s above the rest.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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