Hodejegern (Headhunters), a 2011 Norwegian thriller film, has taken international film festivals by storm in the past year and continues to grow.  Have its international rights bought by over 50 distributors in as many countries, Hodejegern has amassed a large following through several notable industry festivals.

Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie) has a well-known “reputation” for being the best at what he does. A headhunter for large companies, he also has another side of his life he pursues mainly to keep his girlfriend happy in their luxury lifestyle.  Roger steals million-dollar paintings and sells them to the highest bidder.

But when  meets Clas Greve (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau),  a very wealthy man who is the target for a new Executive position at a large company Brown is headhunting for, things become more personal as Clas owns extremely rare art.  Not knowing that his client was a former mercenary, Brown attempts to steal from him only to soon realize that Claus is now on the hunt, this time, for him.

Directed by Morten Tyldum, Hodejegern (Headhunters) has become such a commercial hit and has been so well received by views that there are suggestions that it will soon be remade in Hollywood.  If Steig Larsson has shown us anything, it’s that foreign novels have a place in Hollywood, and if done well, can be a blockbuster hit.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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