This Means War

This Means War, an upcoming 2012 comedy action film, features a well-rounded cast of hilarious, good-looking personalities including Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.  Guns blazing, secret CIA weapons and charming agent tactics look to set up an epic, yet hilarious, showdown.

Two top CIA agents (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) could not be closer.  Best friends, partners and lifelong brothers, there is nothing one wouldn’t do for the other.  There’s only one thing that might begin to create a rift in their seemingly unbreakable fraternity – a girl.

The ideal women, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon), decides to continue dating both men, while they make a pact to not tell her they are best friends and let her decide who she likes more.  Despite the best efforts of her friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) when odd occurrences begin to happen more frequently, she realizes something is amiss as the two fight it out to the death for her.

Directed by McG, This Means War has the difficult task of following up award season.  Our best recommendation – take it for what it’s worth.  While some films can be overshadowed by the occasion, This Means War definitely has the potential to generate a laugh or two.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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