Shame, a 2011 British drama film, explores the sexual depravity of a man hell-bent on living off of meaningless sexual encounters.  One of the most celebrated movies of the year, Shame was named by world-famous movie critic Robert Ebert as his second-favorite movie of 2011.

Set in New York, Brandon Sullivan (Michael Fassbender) is a professionally successful, good-looking thirty year who has nothing but the future ahead of him.  But something plagues him in his seemingly-perfect life – his affinity for sex.  He can’t control his sexual desires and continually finds women, in almost any way possible, to have sex with.

Sometimes he finds hookers, sometimes he manages his sexual desires by himself.  Everything changes though when his wayward sisters comes to New York to visit.  Dealing with unexplained hardships from their childhood, Sissy’s (Carey Mulligan) indefinite stay with Brandon helps him understand the gravity of the situation and how his behaviors are shaping his life.

Directed by Steve McQueen, director of Hunger, Shame has received worldwide recognition for its provocative story and flawless acting.  Premiering at the 68th Venice Film Festival, Fassbender won the annual Volpi award for his Best Actor in a Film.  A relentless film about the massive affects of sex as a drug make Shame an absolute must-see.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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