The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games,  a 2012 science-fiction post-apocalyptic film, will be hitting theaters this year as the first film adaptation of the book by the same name, written by author Suzanne Collins.  Geared towards young adults, the movie has become a cultural phenomenon while children and young adults alike from coast to coast wait for its release this March.

Set in what is currently North America, the nation of Panem has been split into 12 districts since the unsuccessful rebellion against its oppressor (known as the Capitol) hurdled it into defeat.   Each year, as a reminder about the failure the districts  endured 74 years ago, they hold an annual sporting event called ‘The Hunger Games’.

Unlike most games though, the losers must pay with their lives.  Using one boy and one girl from each district, it’s a battle to death, with the winner receiving both fame and fortune.  Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), a young woman who’s supporting both her mother and his little sister after the untimely death of their father, opts to take her younger sisters place and accept that challenge of the ‘The Hunger Games’.

Directed by Gary Ross, The Hunger Games features a sensational cast, including Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci , and Woody Harrelson.  Only the beginning of the three-part series, fans of the book need not worry; in a recent interview, Woody Harrelson let the cat out of the bag, saying he had been signed on for three movies.  Look for the second part to come out late 2013.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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