Big Miracle

Big Miracle, a 2012 family drama, has some equally big cast members; three larger-than-life grey whales trapped in a pack of ice.  Starring blockbuster actors such as Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, Big Miracle focuses on the strength of a tiny village when the world comes knocking on the door to help save these majestic creatures.

Set in small-town America Point Barrow, Alaska, news reporter Adam Carlson (John Krasinski) becomes emotionally invested in a news story he’s covering.  Being around the Arctic Circle, it is very uncommon to see grey whales trapped in clumps of ice, and when he discovers three trapped in an enormous, 5 mile stretch ice block, a personal plight ensues.

His ex-girfriend, Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore), a Greenpeace worker, is recruited by her ex to help raise awareness and set the whales free.   Fred, Wilma, and Bam Bam only have a short window to survive and as the entire words begins to pay attention, help from every corner of the globe mobilizes to help these whales survive.

Directed by Ken Kwapis,  Big Miracle is based on a true story.  In 1988, in the same town, three whales were trapped in an ice block, sparking Operation Breakthrough.  Although one whale did not make it, two did escape making the effort a success and creating a new image of whales in America.  All in all, Big Miracle is a story about courage, preservation, and strength in face of adversity.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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