Battleship, a 2012 science fiction action film, will be aiming to sink move critics battleships as it brings to life the iconic board game America grew up with, putting a slight twist on the somewhat straight-forward narrative.  We all know how to play, but who knew that we had extraneous forces such as alien playing a factor?

Taking place in the Hawaiian Islands, a naval fleet in the area ends up investigating some strange occurrences on international waters that leaves some people confused.  Upon discovering an unresponsive alien ship stranded at sea, the military aims to discover the possible threat of the visitors.

Learning that the aliens, who are known as “the Regents”, are trying to build a power source in the ocean, the world begins to retaliate, with battles ensuring all over the globe.  The film will being showing both sides of the conflict so the viewer can see where all the battleships lie, just as with the hit board game.

Directed by Peter Berg, Battleship will be featuring critically-acclaimed actors such as Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, and Taylor Kitsch, as well as pop star Rhianna and Sports Illustrated supermodel Brooklyn Decker.  Actual US Sailors from the USS Hué and Vicksburg ships were used  in the filming as well to give it a true-to-life environment.  Hopefully, with this interesting take on a classic game,  Berg will have no problem sinking our battleships.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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