Saving Face

Saving Face, a 2011 Pakistani documentary, focuses on the horrific attacks on two women that resulted in acid attacks.  This year, the documentary won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary Film at the 84th Academy Awards.  This win represented a huge win not only for those involved in the feature, but for the entire country of Pakistan.

An acid attack can be defined as when an individual punishes  another by throwing acid on them, normally around their face, and/or possibly igniting it, leaving extreme aesthetic damage and physical and emotional wounds.  Dr. Mohammad Jawad, an English doctor, comes to Pakistan to help two young women down the road towards recuperation and justice.

Although over a 100 acid attack reports are documented each year in the country, there is likely to be many more as women are afraid to come forth.  This film was created in hopes to help the current victims heal and give inspiration to women who might be afraid to step out of the shadow of their abusive family members and seek help.

Directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Daniel Junge, Saving Face was cited as a more “positive” story than most, as the London-based doctor was able to successfully help the two women.  The Oscar was a first for the country and also celebrated with another winner in the region, A Separation (2011),an Iranian film, making Sunday night’s festivities a huge hit in the Middle East.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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