The Lucky One

The Lucky One, a 2012 romantic drama, touches on one of the themes in this new year; Marines and their tough lives on the job, and how it affects the people they love the most back home.  Starring leading man Zac Efron and actress Taylor Schilling, this love story about two very different people is the epitome of Nicholas Sparks’ vision, the author of the book.

United States Marine Logan Thibault did not have much hope during his three deployments in Iraq.  There was only one thing that kept him alive – a picture of a complete stranger.  But despite what he didn’t know about her, he knew that she represented something more than himself, that she represented hope.

After returning home from war, he made it life’s mission to find this woman.  After a lengthy search, he finally discovered her identity.  Beth Clayton (Taylor Schilling) a modest woman, finds the war veteran asking for a job, despite her hesitancy.  Although unsure about Thibault, she decides to give him a chance, and finds that fate might have played Thibault a card the day he found the picture.

Directed by Scott Hicks, The Lucky One will be released during the last few weeks of April to bring in the spring throng of movies.  Sparks, the author of the bestselling novel, is also the writer of the extremely successful stories of The Notebook (2004), A Walk to Remember (2002), and Dear, John (2010).  His brilliance is normally portrayed quite accurately on the big screen, and we don’t expect anything to chance this time.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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