The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption,  a 2012 Indonesian martial arts action film, has received astounding reviews from global critics, making it one of the first Indonesian films to receive such high praise on a global scale.  Using the perfect blend of story-telling and beautiful martial arts cinematography, this film hits all the spots.

The martial arts styled featured in the film is the native art of Pencak Silat. Set in slums of Jakarta, the murderous drug lords and gang members take refuge in one building, a safe haven for the worst of the world.  Even local authorities such as the police cannot break the impenetrable lockdown the criminals have created.

Having been tasked with the mission of taking down the most notorious drug lord in the building, a special forces team enters the building to take him down.  But after they are spotted, the lights are cut and the team must survive the most deadly of people as they try to take down the drug king pin.

Directed by Gareth Evans,  The Raid: Redemption premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.  After its release, many audiences and critics hailed it as one of the best martial arts film of the past decade.  Luckily for us, companies in Hollywood have already brought the rights and are planning a remake, so look for this stateside in the next few years.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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