Titanic, an iconic drama thriller first released in 1997, will be rereleased in theaters worldwide on April 4th to commemorate the original Titanic setting sail on April 10th 2011.  As the previous record holder for the highest grossing film ever, it has been hailed as one of then best films ever made.

Historically accurate, the movie follows several different stories during the monumental time when Titanic was dubbed as the ‘unsinkable’ ship.  Setting sail from Southampton, the ship set sail for New York City with only the best of the best on board.

Rose (Kare Winslet) a young 17 year old first-class passenger, has been arranged to marry an older man to alleviate her mothers financial burdens after the untimely death of her husband.  Rose, respondent, decides to end it all and jump off the ship, but is saved by Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) who form an tight love affair before the ship hits the famous iceberg.

Directed by James Cameron, Titanic will be released in 3D as well as in 2D IMAX theaters around the the United States. The director of the current record holder for highest-growing film if all time with Avatar, Cameron is know for his large-scale productions that tend to become critical successes.  For those two young to see it during its first release or those that just want to catch it again on the big screen, now’s your chance, and this opportunity won’t last long.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


One response to “Titanic

  1. I’m a 27 year old married man and my wife and I did not know each other when this first hit theaters. We did, however, see it in theaters. Now is our chance to see it together and we’ll be first in line. We’ll also be taking her 11 year old sister and my 11 year old sister as they both, independent of one another, have developed their own love of this film. Looking forward to this.

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