The Hunter

The Hunter, a 2012 Australian thriller film, explores the undiscovered region of Tanzinia, an Austrlain owned island where several untouched species still remain to be discovered.  The film is based on the novel by the same name written by Julia Leigh.
Martin (William Dafoe) a hunter by trade, is contacted by an obscure private firm who are interested in his hunting abilities.  They tell him that there have been two sightings in Tasmania for the Tasnanian Tiger, an animal once thought to be extinct. Once in the woods, Martin is met with sincerel hostility as other hunters attempt to kill him to ensure the tiger is found by them.

Once there, he meets a woman and her children who have been in the region waiting for the return their father who has gone missing.  After battling for his life, Martin becomes very close to losing himself in finding this precious animal, and realizes its exploitation is not right.

Directed by Daniel Nettheim and produced by Vincent Sheehan, the film was actually primarily shot in Tanzina with Dafoe receiving actual training from bush experts on how to deal with animals in the wild.  The scenery coupled with the high-intensity story makes the film worth a watch.


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