The Assault

The Assault,  a 2010 French action drama film, is set to be released to American audiences at a limited capacity this Friday, April 6th.  The film showcases events loosely based on the world renown terrorist attack that occurred at a Paris airport in 1994, and led the world on a high speed plane chase.

Based on actual events, the film focuses around the devastating terrorist attacks that occurred in France in the 1990’s.  On December 4th, 1994, four dangerous, armed men boarded an Air France flight set on the bringing the plane down.  The flight, equipped with 227 civilian passengers, seemed doomed.

The Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the terrorist group behind the attacks, had no other choice but to refuel in Marseilles, which allowed for the quick-acting French SWAT team to intervene.  With the Interior Minister and the entire world watching, the SWAT team attempts to save the crew and passengers through a series of swift, on board recovery attempts, and determination of steel.

Directed and written by French director Julien Leclercq, The Assault has received generally positive reviews, with critics detailing the high-drama that embodied the actual tragedy so well.  Marc Holcomb of Top Village said, “The Assault is so tense, it seems to pass in a single held breath-so quickly, in fact, that you don’t register its narrative flimsiness until later on”.  A dip in the pools of history, The Assault is a formidable film.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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