We Have a Pope

We Have a Pope, a 2012 Italian comedy drama film, details the unexpected life changes one cardinal must deal with when he surprisingly elected as the new Catholic Pope.  Mostly criticized by the very stringent Vatican, many of its members found the film to be inappropriate, something that later only helped the film bolster its ratings.

After the death of the current Pope, the Cardinals all meet in the Vatican City to elect a new leader for the Catholic Church.  After no one is picked, the Cardinals go through several rounds of voting.  Soon, the black smoke disappears and the white smoke emerges; Cardinal Melville, in a grand turn of events, has been selected as the next Pope.

Completely and utterly stunned by his Church’s decision, Melville is extremely unprepared for the job and a nervous wreck, failing to appear during the traditional appearing where the Pope greets the world on the balcony.  Afraid this could have adverse affects for the Church, a therapist is hired to help guide Melville, and his non-religious views coupled with Melville eccentricity take the two on a Holy path of self-discovery.

Produced by Nanni Moretti, the film premiered at the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival in France in April of last year to extremely positive reviews.   The film will appear at a limited capacity in theaters in the United States starting today.  During this Easter weekend, this film looks perfectly placed to make some big dollars at the box office.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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