Monsieur Lazhar

Monsieur Lazhar, a 2011 Canadian drama film, was an Academy Award nominee at this year’s 84th Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Film.  Although it did not win, it was received by judges and audiences alike as a beautiful drama film.

Bachir Lazhar (Mohamed Saïd Fellag) is an Algerian immigrant who happens to be in the right place at the right time.  After a suicide of an elementary school teacher, the school is in desperate need of a replacement, and it just so happens Monsieur Lazhar has a unique way of teaching.

Creating personal bonds with all the children, he strikes a chord with them as their lazy, glutton habits dominate their schooling.  Not learning what they should, Lazhar sets on a mission to change their lifes, as political and culture problems befall him in Montreal, Canada.

Directed by Philippe Falardeau, Monsieur Lazhar has received extremely positive reviews, with Boyd van Hoeij from Variety magazine saying, “Quietly intelligent and respectable, much like its protag.”  The film will be released to American audiences on a limited basis on April 13th.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment


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