Wreck it Ralph

Wreck it Ralph

Life as a character in a video game can get old – especially when you’re playing the role of the bad guy. In fact, after decades of doing the same thing and always being overshadowed by “good guy” Fix-It Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer from “30 Rock”), Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly from “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and “Step Brothers”) decides to make matters into his own hands.

Wreck it Ralph

Leaving his own video game behind, Ralph takes off into the arcade on a game-hopping journey through every generation of video games. His mission: to prove that he’s not such a bad guy after all, and that in fact he’s got what it takes to be a hero.

Wreck it Ralph

On his quest, Ralph finds his way into a game called Hero’s Duty, where he meets tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun (voice of Jane Lynch from TV’s “Glee”). Inside Hero’s Duty Ralph plays the hero to fight off oncoming bugs…and in the process accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy. Feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman from “The Sarah Silverman Program”) from the candy-coated cart racing game Sugar Rush realizes that Ralph’s actions have threatened her world. Will Ralph realize his dream of becoming a hero, and save Vanellope’s world – as well as the entire arcade – from the deadly threat before it’s too late?

Wreck it Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is the next animated feature from Walt Disney Pictures. Coming to theatres on November 2, 2012 in both 3D and 2D, Wreck-It Ralph was directed by Rich Moore.


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