Jack and Diane

Jack and Diane

In what has been called a wholly unique film by Magnolia Pictures, Jack and Diane is a drama thriller that is essentially a teenage lesbian werewolf love story. Tomboy Jack (Riley Keough) and bubbly Diane (Juno Temple) are two teenage girls who meet in New York City. After spending the night ferociously kissing, the two fall head over heels in love. In fact, their first love feelings are so intense that neither is prepared for the joys and terrors that it brings.

Jack and Diane

When Diane reveals that she must leave the country in a week to head off to school in Europe, Jack tries to push her away. Unable to wrap her head around her feelings, Diane begins to be plagued by increasingly dark and violent werewolf-like visions – something she tries to conceal from Jack.

Jack and Diane

As the film progresses, it becomes clear that Diane is experiencing more than just visions. Her emotions have begun to cause unexplainable violent changes to her body. Diane struggles to keep the couple’s love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire occasionally causes her to turn into a werewolf.

Jack and Diane

Writer and Director Bradley Rust Gray weaves horror elements into this distinctive first-love story. Rated R, the film is set for release on November 2, 2012.


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