Hide Away

Hide Away: Josh Lucas

Can you ever really escape your past? And if not, what does it take to come to terms with it? In Hide Away, Josh Lucas plays the part of a software executive who flees his old life to escape a horrible family tragedy. Settling in Northern Michigan he buys and boards a dilapidated sail boat named the Hesperus, and sets out on a path to try to resurrect his life. Disturbed by unsettling visions of his family, Lucas spends most of his time in the idyllic harbor. During the day he tinkers with his boat, and at night he drinks heavily.

Hide Away Movie

Hide Away is a solemn, slow-moving fable in which the main character walks the fine line between solitude and redemption. Unique in a feature film, the characters all have symbolic names. Josh Lucas is the Young Mariner. James Cromwell plays the Ancient Mariner, a salty, grizzled sailor who becomes the Young Mariner’s mentor and guide. Ayelet Zurer is the Waitress, a wise woman who keeps a piercingly watchful eye on the Hesperus. And Jon Tenney is the Divorced Man, a newly single father whose boisterousness is in sharp contrast to the solitude that the Young Mariner is trying to protect.

Hide Away: Josh Lucas

Released by MMC Joule Films, Hide Away was directed by Chris Eyre from a screenplay by Peter Vanderwall. This allegorical tale of grief and healing is rated PG-13.


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