War of the Buttons

War of the Buttons

In a small village in the French countryside, at the height of the WWII Nazi occupation, a group of children is forced to confront the very real impact of what is going on in the world around them. During the War resistance came in all shapes and sizes, and even children had a part to play.

War of the Buttons

Before a new girl, Violette (Ilona Bachelier), came to town, pre-teen rebel Lebrac (newcomer Jean Texier) and his gang were engaged in a merciless “play war” with a rival gang of children from a neighboring village. Then Lebrac fell for Violette, and the children realized that this girl is Jewish. This dangerous secret – a Jewish girl “hidden in plain sight” in their village – brings the children together. Rival gangs set aside their conflicts to fight the Nazis, their common enemy, and try to protect this girl that they have all come to know.

War of the Buttons

War of the Buttons is directed by Academy Award nominee Christophe Barratier (Les Chorus), produced by Academy Award winner Thomas Langmann (The Artist), and co-written by Barratier and Langmann based in part on Louis Pergaud’s 1912 novel, “La Guerre des Boutons.” The drama, which is set for release by The Weinstein Company onJuly 18, 2012, also stars Laetitia Casta, Guillaume Canet and Kad Merad.


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