Union Square

Union Square poster

Wildly emotional Lucy (Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino) and highly disciplined Jenny (Tammy Blanchard) are polar opposites. They’re also sisters whose relationship has seriously deteriorated. At the outset of the film Lucy, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, decides to go somewhere she’s never been: to her sister’s apartment offUnion Square. To say that Jenny is not happy to see her sister is an understatement. In fact, she’s horrified when Lucy comes in and decides to stay a while.

Tammy Blanchard as Jenny and Mike Doyle as Bill in ``Union Square.''

It soon becomes obvious that in her quest to seek a more ordered life far from her roots with her tumultuous family in theBronx, Jenny has been less than honest with her long-time fiancé, Bill (Mike Doyle), about her family. After the three of them have a tense dinner, the sisters head out to a club to attempt to clear the air. The confrontation only creates more tensions. Lucy leaves as unexpectedly as she arrived, and then returns to further disrupt Jenny’s carefully constructed life with even more surprises.

Union Square

Set inNew York’sUnion Square,Union Squaretells the story of the unexpected reunion of these two women and the profound effect that this reunion has on each of their lives.

Michael Rispoli as Nick and Mira Sorvino as Lucy in ``Union Square.''

Scheduled for a limited release onJuly 13, 2012by DADA and Required Viewing,Union Squarewas directed by Nancy Savoca from a screenplay by Savoca and Mary Tobler.


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