End of Watch

End of Watch Movie Poster

In End of Watch the mean streets of Los Angeles play host to another police drama. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as Taylor and Zavala, End of Watch tells the story of two gung-ho Los Angeles cops who have been close friends for a long time. After confiscating a small cache of firearms and money during a routine traffic stop, Taylor and Zavala find themselves marked for death as a dangerous cartel’s “most wanted.” It’s a powerful story of friendship and courage that shows the price that cops and their families are forced to pay each day in their never-ending fight against crime.

End of Watch

Written and directed by David Ayer and based partly on stories told to Mr. Ayer by a friend who is a police officer, End of Watch was written in just six days and filmed in only 22. The film also stars Anna Kendrick as Janet, Cody Horn as Police Officer Davis and America Ferrara as Police Officer Orozco. Interestingly, End of Watch was filmed entirely through the handheld HD cameras of the police officers, gang members,  surveillance cameras and citizens caught in the line of fire, creating a feeling of immediacy that is somewhere between a found footage film and a documentary.

End of Watch

End of Watch is scheduled for release on September 28, 2012 by Open Road Films.


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