Craigslist Joe

Craigslist Joe movie poster

What would it be like to be cut off from all of the people you know, traveling across the country with just a laptop, cell phone, toothbrush and the clothes on your back? Can a person survive in America depending entirely on the generosity of strangers? In December of 2009 29-year-old Joseph Garner embarked on a grand 31-day adventure to answer these questions. Craigslist Joe is the documentary that shares his experiences.

Craigslist Joe with Daisy the Dominatrix

In creating this documentary, it was Garner’s hypothesis (and hope!) that America’s sense of community wasn’t gone – it had just shifted. Craigslist, a website that is home to over 40 million new classified advertisements each month, had become the new “town square.” For 31 days Garner’s goal was to use Craigslist obtain everything he needed, including food, shelter and transportation, from people he had never met before. Over the course of the month Garner met dozens of colorful characters, had countless unusual experiences, and experienced America in a way that few if any have done before.

Craigslist Joe

Craigslist Joe is set for release by CLJ Films on August 3, 2012 in Los Angeles. Joseph Garner directed the film.



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