Why Stop Now

Why Stop Now movie poster

In Why Stop Now, a comedic drama directed by Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner from a screenplay by Nyswaner, Piano prodigy Eli (Jesse Eisenberg) has a lot on his plate. Already accustomed to taking care of his little sister and watching out for his alcoholic and drug-addicted mother, Penny (Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo), today is the day of his big audition for a very prestigious music program. It’s also the day that Mom is scheduled to enter rehab. No problem, Eli thinks – he’ll just drop Mom off at rehab and have plenty of time to get focused before his big audition. If only it was that easy!

Why Stop Now

As it turns out, Mom doesn’t qualify for the detox rehab because she is not currently intoxicated. In order to get in, she needs to get her fix from her drug dealer, a man named Sprinkles (Tracy Morgan). Eli and Penny end up tangled up in a wild and crazy day with the outlandish Sprinkles. Circumstances conspire to turn them into a comical band of collaborators who must battle their own demons to try to make things right.

Why Stop Now

Why Stop Now is set for limited release on August 17, 2012 by IFC Films. The film also stars Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Black, Emma Rayne Lyle as Nicole and Sarah Ramos as Chloe.



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