The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

In “The Good Doctor,” Director Lance Daly and Screenwriter John Enbom have created a film that will make people think twice before checking into a hospital for treatment. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) is an ambitious but anxious young British doctor who has just started his first year of residency at a Southern California hospital. Blake wants desperately to be a “good doctor” – but only because he craves the respect and resulting self-esteem boost that he thinks this will give him. Handsome and outwardly charming, Blake proves himself to be morally bankrupt and incapable of living up to the doctor’s creed to “do no harm.”

Orlando Bloom and Riley Keough in The Good Doctor

When Diane Nixon (Riley Keough), a beautiful 18-year-old, is admitted for a kidney infection, Blake steps in and gets the self-esteem boost he craves. But then he crosses the line and falls in love with his young patient. Attraction becomes obsession, and as Diane’s health improves, Blake goes to unconscionable extremes in order to keep her next to him in the hospital. Blake tampers with her treatment and makes one seemingly small decision that, domino style, leads to a long string of problems.

Orlando Bloom and Micheal Pena in The Good Doctor

“The Good Doctor” also stars Rob Morrow as Chief Resident Waylans; Troy Garity as self-assured fellow intern Dan; Taraji Henson as no-nonsense nurse Theresa; Michael Pena as the orderly, Jimmy, who discovers incriminating evidence against Blake; J.K. Simmons as a police detective; and Molly Price and Wade Williams as Diane Nixon’s parents. The drama thriller, which is rated PG-13, is scheduled for a limited release in New York on August 31, 2012 by Magnolia Pictures.


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