Stolen Movie Poster

“Stolen,” a fast-paced action thriller directed by Simon West, demonstrates that even convicted felons will do just about anything when their kid’s life is on the line.

Set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, “Stolen” tells the story of Will Montgomery (Nicholas Cage), a master thief who spent eight years in prison after being double-crossed in a robbery that didn’t go as planned. Recently released from the state penitentiary, Will is determined to leave his criminal life behind. His main goal: to reconnect with his daughter Allison (Sami Gayle), now a teenager, whom he hasn’t seen since she was a little girl.


However, both the FBI and his old partner in crime, Vincent (Josh Lucas), believe that Will hid the $10 million that was stolen in that last robbery. They’re wrong – Will doesn’t have the money. But with the detective that put him away (Danny Huston) on his trail, Will gets an unexpected call from Vincent. Vincent has kidnapped Allison, he’s driving around town with Alison in the soundproofed trunk of a stolen Taxi Cab, and he is demanding the entire $10 million as ransom.


To save his daughter Will has just 12 hours to come up with the $10 million that he doesn’t have. To do this he must trust another of his former partners in crime, the beautiful Riley (Malin Ackerman), to help him pull off one more massive robbery before it’s too late.

Nicholas Cage and Malin Ackerman in Stolen

“Stolen,” which is based on a screenplay by David Guggenheim, is scheduled for a limited release on September 14, 2012 by Millennium Films.


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