Nobody Walks

Nobody Walks movie poster

In Nobody Walks, Peter (John Krasinski) and Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt) and their two children live a seemingly idyllic life in the trendy Silver Lake community of Los Angeles, At Julie’s request, Peter, a sound designer, agrees to help Martine (Olivia Thirlby), a 23-year-old artist/filmmaker, complete the sound work on her arty installation film piece. The plan is for Martine to stay out back in the family’s pool house.

John Krasinski and Rosemarie DeWitt in Nobody Walks

However, Julie’s request may have been a big mistake, as Martine’s arrival only serves to amplify the already strong sexual vibes that were simmering beneath the surface in Peter and Julie’s life. In fact, Martine’s arrival sparks a surge of sexual energy that awakens long-suppressed impulses in everyone from Peter and Julie to their 16-year-old daughter Kolt (India Ennenga), Peter’s attractive assistant David (Rhys Wakefield), Julie’s therapy patient, Kolt’s Italian teacher and Julie’s ex. Whew!

John Krasinski and Olivia Thirlby in Nobody Walks

Subtle, smart, sensual and emotionally complex, Nobody Walks follows these characters in their intricate dance of lust, denial and deception.

India Ennenga in Nobody Walks

Nobody Walks was directed by Ry Russo-Young based on a screenplay by Russo-Young and Lena Dunham. Scheduled for a limited release on October 19, 2012 by Magnolia Pictures, the drama is rated R for sexuality, language and some drug use.



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