Alter Egos

Alter Egos

“Alter Egos,” a comedy spoof of all of the super-hero films that have been so popular in recent years, takes place in a land where superheroes roam the streets. Having lost all government funding and public support, the superheroes (and many not-so-super heros) are now starting to have issues reintegrating into society with their alter egos, i.e. their “normal” selves.

Alter Egos

Do-gooders Fridge (Kris Lemche), whose special power is to shoot ice out of his hands, and his friend C-Thru (Joey Kern), who has X-ray vision, are holed up at a deserted off-season hotel. Fridge is angry that his unsuspecting girlfriend is having an affair with his own alter ego – and that she seems to like his “normal” self better than his “super” self. Ironically, in the midst of his anger with his girlfriend, Fridge falls for an attractive innkeeper, Claudel (Brooke Nevin). Claudel is being harassed by Jimmy (Danny Masterson), a superhero wannabe whose special power, the ability to become invisible for exactly 2.3 seconds, wasn’t judged to be sufficiently “super” to allow him to join the superheroes “club.” Meanwhile, C-Thru has captured Fridge’s mortal enemy, Shrink (John Ventimiglia), the villain who murdered Fridge’s parents. But what should Fridge do? Killing Shrink would violate superhero rule #27, “no revenge.” Of course, as his friend points out, “no one follows these rules anyway.”

Alter Egos

Although on its surface “Alter Egos” is about humans who have extraordinary (or, perhaps, semi-extraordinary) abilities, underneath it all the film is about all of the emotional issues that go with regular life.

Alter Egos

Featuring a soundtrack by Sean Lennon, who also plays the character of “Electric Death” in the film, “Alter Egos” also stars Geneva Carr, Christine Evangelista, Kristina Klebe, Marina Squerciati, Aurelie Claudel and Carlos Velazquez. Written and directed by Jordan Galland, the R-rated film is scheduled for a limited New York release on October 19, 2012 by SModcast Pictures.


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