The Bay

The Bay


It’s a very creepy thought. What would happen if all of the junk that’s being dumped into the water of Chesapeake Bay – pesticide run-off, steroid-filled chicken feces from mass poultry farms, and more – somehow interacted to create a new life form?

The Bay


In “The Bay,” a new horror thriller from director/writer Barry Levinson, this is essentially what happens. The film is set in the quaint seaside town of Chesapeake Bay, where water is the lifeblood of the area. When two researchers from France find a staggering level of toxicity in the water, no body wants to hear it. The mayor doesn’t want to create a panic, so everything is hushed up, and news of the water’s toxicity doesn’t get out.

The Bay


Until, that is, the toxic yuck somehow produces a parasitic isopod that ends up eating the lungs, hearts and kidneys of the humans it infects. Because the mayor chooses to cover things up rather than do something about it, a deadly plague is unleashed. The people of Chesapeake Bay become hosts for this mutant bread of parasites that eats their insides and takes control of their minds – causing the previously idyllic small town to descend into absolute terror.

The Bay


“The Bay” stars Will Rogers and Christopher Denham, and is scheduled for a limited November 2, 2012 release by Roadside Attractions.


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