A Dark Truth

When corporate whistle-blower Morgan (Deborah Kara Unger) begins to suspect that her company is involved in a massive cover-up in South America, she hires ex-CIA agent Jack Begosian (Andy Garcia) to discover the truth. Jack, now a political talk show host, is plunged back into the world of lies and subterfuge that he had managed to avoid for so long. For in South America a desperate struggle has erupted between the local military, backed by American corporate interests, and villagers protesting the exploitation and massacre of their people and their environment. One protester, Francisco (Forest Whitaker), holds enough evidence to tie the corporation to the brutalities. As the clock runs down, Jack must protect Francisco long enough to reveal the truth before corporate mercenaries take him out.


Through a blend of action, suspense, and gritty realism, this film examines the all-too-common conflict between business interests, environmental conservation, and indigenous peoples’ rights. “This film isn’t like Transformers or James Bond,” actor Andy Garcia stresses. “This is a realistic story and things are kept within the boundaries of realism.” In a world where corporate greed often trumps national borders and political resistance, how will we protect the earth’s dwindling natural resources or the people who rely on them most heavily?


Written and directed by Damian Lee and also starring Kim Coates and Eva Longoria, this Magnolia Pictures action thriller will have a limited release date of January 4, 2013. A Dark Truth is available to rent on iTunes before its theatrical release. Rated R for violence and disturbing images.



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