West of Memphis

West of Memphis

Three young boys. Three grisly murders. An investigation that led to the imprisonment of the soon-to-be-infamous trio of teenage killers, the “West Memphis Three”: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelley. Such is the history of West Memphis, Arkansas…but could the verdict have been wrong? In this shocking documentary, Academy Award-nominated director Amy Berg sheds light on an 18-year struggle to save three innocent men from life imprisonment and death row. From a re-examination into the police investigation of the crime, to new revelations surrounding the three convicts, to the story of Damien Echols’ struggle to overcome the hatred and ignorance of his town, West of Memphis chronicles the recent trial that uncovered what really happened all those years ago.


West of Memphis examines what happens when justice goes awry, when the truth takes a back seat to panic and sensationalism. Highlighting the quixotic nature of what people consider evidence, this documentary questions the validity of the death sentence and demonstrates how fear and hatred can all-too-often color the justice system.

West of Memphis

Written by Amy Berg and Billy McMillin, and produced by the Academy Award-winning team of Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, West of Memphis will see a limited theatrical release on December 25, 2012. Starring Damien Echols, Lorri Davis, Jason Baldwin, Jesse Misskelley, Jr., and Pam Hicks. Rated R for disturbing violent content and some language.


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