What does it take to be a man? In LUV, ex-gangster Vincent (Common) returns home to his mother (Lonette McKee) and nephew Woody (Michael Rainey Jr.) after a lengthy prison term, and he’s intent on turning his life around. 11-year-old Woody is instantly enamored with this new charismatic father-figure, and one day Vincent decides to take him under his wing and show him how a “man gets things done.” Little do they know that Woody is about to learn far more than either of them bargained for. In between lessons on how to dress, how to drive, and how to talk to women, Vincent takes Woody with him to the bank to get a loan to open a new restaurant, Vincent’s ticket to a law-abiding life. But there’s a catch – Vincent must come up with $22,000 by the end of the weekend or lose the loan, along with his dreams for a new future.


Vincent sees no choice but to turn to an old associate for help: Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish (Dennis Haysbert). To prove his loyalty, Mr. Fish assigns Vincent one last drug run, and soon they are plunged back into the world of crime, a world that Vincent is trying to escape and in which Woody will need to grow up fast in order to survive. Soon Woody must face a desperate choice: follow his hero, or become his own man?


Directed by Sheldon Candis and written by Sheldon Candis and Justin Wilson, this Indomina Releasing Drama also stars Charles S. Dutton, Meagan Good, and Michael Kenneth Williams. It will see a limited theatrical release on January 18, 2013. Rated R for violence, language, child endangerment, and some drug content.


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