No Place On Earth

No Place On Earth

When spelunker Christopher Nicola traveled to the Ukraine in 1993 to explore its vast network of caves, he never could have imagined what he would discover. After finding remnants of human habitation, Nicola spent the next nine years piecing together the remarkable story of the people who had lived there: a group of Ukrainian Jews escaping the Holocaust. No Place On Earth tells their harrowing tale of survival.

No Place On Earth

This documentary follows the story of the 38 refugees who lived in total darkness for almost 18 months. Split between actors’ reenactments of the events and interviews with surviving members, No Place On Earth paints a vivid picture of the miserable and inhospitable conditions these families survived. The five fathers would risk life and limb every night to sneak out and gather food and supplies, persevering for almost a year and a half with no gear or training. Finally, the surviving members are brought back to see the caves that had been their home all those years ago.

No Place On Earth

Directed by Janet Tobias, No Place On Earth will see a limited theatrical release on April 5, 2013. This Magnolia Pictures documentary stars Chris Nicola, Saul Stermer, Sam Stermer, Sonia Dodyk, and Sima Dodyk. Rated PG-13 for thematic elements including brief violent images.


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