How far would you go to save your child’s life, if your own life hung in the balance? In Inescapable, one man will have to confront his past and make some difficult decisions in order to bring his daughter to safety—hopefully without sacrificing his own life in the process.


Toronto resident Adib Abdel Kareem (Alexander Siddig) has crafted a wonderful life for himself. A confident and affluent man, Adib has a beautiful wife, a great job, and two grown daughters that he loves dearly. But his life hasn’t always been this way. When his daughter Muna (Jay Anstley) goes missing in Damascus, Adib’s dark and mysterious past comes back to haunt him in ways that he never predicted.


Born and raised in Syria, Adib had had a bright future as a military police officer—until he was forced to flee the country under unusual circumstances twenty-five years ago. He made his way to Toronto, abandoning his old life to rebuild a new one out of the ashes. But now, he must uncover a secret past he hoped to forget in order to save his daughter’s future.


Written and directed by Ruba Nadda, Inescapable was released in theaters in New York on February 22, 2013. This IFC Films thriller also stars Marisa Tomei, Joshua Jackson, Saad Siddiqui, and Oded Fehr. Rated R for some violence and brief language.


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