In the business world, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Based on a 2004 novel of the same name, Paranoia follows Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth), a likable entry-level worker at the Wyatt Corporation, as he tries to work his way up the corporate ladder. The conventional method is cut short, however, after Adam makes an expensive and illegal mistake that costs the company millions. Facing potential legal repercussions, Adam fears his career is at an end. However, the Wyatt Corporation’s ruthless CEO, Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman), sees an opportunity in Adam’s misfortune. In exchange for keeping his job, Adam must spy on Wyatt’s chief corporate rival—and former mentor—Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford).

Suddenly Adam finds himself living the life of his dreams. In order to spy on the top executives of Goddard’s corporation, Adam needs to blend in. This means a corner office, an expensive car, the whole nine yards. But despite having all the trappings of power, Adam finds that Wyatt still pulls all the strings. As Adam infiltrates deeper into Goddard’s organization, he realizes that he must escape from Wyatt’s control before it’s too late.


Written by Barry Levy and Jason Dean Hall and directed by Robert Luketic, Paranoia will be released on August 16, 2013. This Relativity Media thriller also stars Lucas Till, Amber Heard, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon, Richard Dreyfuss, and Josh Holloway.



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