A Green Story

A Green Story

Dying is a funny thing. Most people hurry through life in a headlong rush against death, but only on death’s doorstep are we forced to reflect upon what we’ve been doing. In A Green Story, aging business mogul Van Vlahakis (Ed O’Ross) contemplates his rise to riches and future legacy when he is diagnosed with cancer.

A Green Story

Fifty years ago, Van (born Eftichios) left his native Greece for America, with only 22 dollars and a dream to his name. Hoping to carve a better life for his family in the land of free enterprise, Van founded Earth Friendly Products, a company that manufactures environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Over time, Van’s company grew to become a top U.S. giant. As Van reflects on his early life (played by George Finn), he realizes how much he helped himself and, through his company, thousands of others to achieve their dreams.

A Green Story

A Green Story is an uplifting tale of self-improvement and the success of the American dream. Reflecting on all the good he’s done, Van decides to push himself one last time to close a massive deal that will cement his company’s global success.

A Green Story

Written and directed by Nika Agiashvili, A Green Story will be released into theaters on May 24, 2013. This Indican Pictures drama also stars Shannon Elizabeth, Annabella Sciorra, Malcolm McDowell, Roger Bart, Alexis Georgoulis, and Billy Zane.

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