The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black, a 2012 supernatural thriller based on the novel by the same title written by Susan Hill,  features world-renowned actor Daniel Radcliffe, the young wizard from the Harry Potter series.  Radcliffe has begun to shed his image of the young Hogarts-student as he takes on more serious roles and shows the world his new, grown-up attitude.

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) must leave London and his son on business to address legal matters in a small, dreary town outside of the bustling capital of England.  Alice Drablow, a recent death in the town, has an eerie story as her death rehashes a harsh reality the town would rather keep quiet about.  When Kipps begins to discover the oddities of this death, he questions what the cause could be.

Parents in the village have locked their children indoors for many years now, much to the bewilderment of Kipps.  As Arthur stays the night at the Drablow’s spooky house, he begins to see grave images of a rotting woman and hears sounds of dying children.  As he begins to put the pieces together, he starts to see that children are dying left and right and it’s all connected to the dark images of this hellish ghost.

Directed by James Watkins, The Woman in Black features two of Harry Potter’s most recognizable stars, Radcliffe and Ciarán Hinds, who plays Albus Dumbledore.  Radcliffe openly stated his excitement for the film, calling the script both “tender and terrifying” in essence.  A classic English horror story revived from a best-selling novel, The Woman In Black seems to a be a much-anticipated film in the coming year.

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Like Crazy – A Film By Drake Doremus

If you’ve ever been in love and been forced away leaving you without a single good option to make it work, this movie may be a very emotional experience for you. While we may remember  such a sentiment in real life, having it portrayed well in film will surely creates a long line for aficionados of drama and bitter-romances.

Like Crazy is a 2011 film by Drake Doremus starring Anton Yechin and Felicity Jones. The story is about two people finding their path to true love but also having to face the difficulties that come with it along the way. Jacob (Yechin) met Anna (Jones) in college and soon a passionate relationship buds, one which they are sure will last forever. However, Anna is forced to return to England in the midst of their romance for two reasons: she must attend an important wedding  back home, and she needs to go return to the UK before her student visa expires. When Anna decides to return to the U.S. after being home, she is denied entry. Being in love, the couple finds a way to make their relationship work until temptations on both sides complicate the once pure and simple relationship.

The connection between the two lead actors makes it the perfect match with each giving truly great performances in their respected roles. Yelchin and Jones create a strong chemistry that gives way for sincere emotions throughout the movie. The way Anna and Jacob look at each other when they first fall in love, followed by the heartache that follows with their soon severed connection strike a chilling chord in the heart of anyone who has ever experienced a similar situation.

Despite the stellar performances of the two lead actors, the film does not highlight the actors as much as one might think; giving way to cinematography and near-constant views of inanimate and seemingly unimportant props that supposedly give an insinuation of what is really going on in the lives of the two young lovers.

Although Jacob and Anna’s love for each other is manifested throughout the film, it hardly provided the drama that is often felt in true bitter-sweet or perhaps star-crossed romances. Doremus also gave less weight to what is traditionally underlined to convey a passionate attraction thus leaving the audience with some reservations as to what the real score between Anna and Jacob truly is Are they really in the realm of true love or finding themselves wanting to just love a person “one day”?

Nevertheless it is a powerful film that will most likely stir up the emotions of anyone who has been through long distance relationships, suffered from heartbreak and intense longing, and not knowing what to do when love starts with the “right person”, even if it is against all odds.

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W.E. – A 2011 Film Directed By Madonna

is the second film directed by Madonna after Filth and Wisdom in 2008. The title – W.E. – stands for Wallis and Edward, which sets a biopic story between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and tells of how King Edward renounced his throne to marry the woman he loved; American Wallis Simpson. The film follows from the early stages of their relationship, to later in the life of a supposed fairytale couple whose romance turned out to be anything but ideal.

If the director were to remain a secret, perhaps many people would see the movie with a more open mind and free of prejudice. However, as many fans as Madonna has, she has also earned a lot of repugnant detractors, and seeing her name attached to the movie almost immediately collects negative remarks before the film is even shown. Nevertheless, critics of the film say that if those people who are hasty to prejudge had no idea that Madonna directed the film, they would without a doubt find it to be a very well done and entertaining film.

W.E. stars Abbie Cornish, Oscar Isaac, Richard Coyle, James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough. The film is set in London, England and was also shot in both the U.S. and France. While some critics are criticizing Madonna’s directing; the poor and mismatched soundtrack, the unstable cameras and the incompatible transition of the camera, the film has gained praise as one of the best dressed films of the year. The costumes are charming and stylish, which most certainly help to detract from any of the other short-comings the film may have.

Though critics and naysayer’s can be found buzzing about the Material Girl’s film online, many members of the general populous, press, and even critics find the movie worth watching – perhaps even a “must see”. W.E. creates a beautiful portrait of what happened with the royal family in the mid 20th century while weaving in a simple love story takes place in the 90s with the character Wallie Winthrop.

Critics abound have been amazed at how their expectations of the film have been surpassed by how fantastic the film has actually turned out to be. A few comments of note are; that it was confident, bold and had consistently enjoyable moments. The only real notable shortcomings of the film have been; several tired clichés, a lack of grace in the different lines the stars recite and no real similarity is ever noted between Wallie Winthrop and Wallis Simpson.

Alas, fans and cynics of the film and of Madonna continue to wage discussion wars but be it positive or negative, the buzz generated will only help with the promotion of the film.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment