Rango, an American computer-animated western comedy, has attained box-office stardom as Johnny Depp and an all-star cast lead this movie to raving reviews. With music by the famous Hans Zimmer and a hilariously twisted plot, Rango reels in the reviews.

When the local pet chameleon Rango (Johnny Depp) is lost after his cage is falls from his masters’ car, he is left to fend for himself in the kill-or-be-killed world of the Mojave Desert. Just narrowly avoiding death by predator, he finds his way into a small, quaint town known as Dirt, who is in desperate need of a new sheriff.

After he meets the residents, who are all but happy about their new visitor, Rango learns that the town is need of something much more important than a new sheriff, but actually supply of water to continue living. As he starts the gain the trust of the occupants of small town of Dirt, Rango feels empathy and drive to help save his new home, despite the odds or dangers.

Directed and produced by Gore Verbinski, Rango takes on a whole new level of animated comedies through its dark, mysterious humor and adventure. Few movies have achieved such widespread success without adhering to typical animated-movie mold of light-heartedness and squeaky-clean fun, but Rango takes another spin on animated movies and does it flawlessly.

Rebecca Wang – Producer
Rebecca Wang Entertainment